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French investigation reveals doping "protocols"

Although I would love to believe that cycling has cleaned up its act, this kind of news goes a long way to demonstrating that there are still major problems and that doping remains deeply ingrained in the cycling community.

The program revealed by the Ukrainian riders was obviously not developed for just a few riders, and is certainly in use in one form or another by a good part of the pro peloton.

This kind of discovery just goes to show how handy it could be to have a hemotologist highly trained in doping techniques as a close family friend. Doping at the pro level isn't just a matter of ordering Chinese EPO on internet and being careful not to inject too much at the wrong times. It is a highly complicated business, and the advantage is to those who have the best "doctors".
Feb 14, 2010
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This was already mentioned in the old Bordry thread, and I started Bordry, Protocols & Law Enforcement before the story was in English. Cheers