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I think there’s doping in tri but I’m not convinced this event was any more suspicious than any regular race.

Skipper confirmed he rode at 300W NP which is his normal IM race pace, the drafting just made it that much faster. He only had to hold his IM power for 3:15 instead of 4:05 so that helped as well. He’s also done 12 hours at around 280W and holds the British record in it. The top riders in tri are pretty legit.

Then all 4 of them were fresher than usual on the run and ran run PRs. No doubt that is somewhat suspicious but they were clearly fresh going into it and all the extra aid can help. Skipper had a guy watering him with a literal hose on a bike for most of the run and he’s ran similar times in other hot conditions, plus this wasn’t really that hot or humid.

Everybody in the event smashed 7/8hrs by so much that it comes across as the bike being surprisingly easier than expected, rather than some massive doping gains imo. Actually they all set public personal goals and all of their goals were 10-20 mins better than necessary, so they probably knew after one group training ride how much the drafting would help.
Indeed. But remember in my original comment, I did not want to focus solely on the spectacle of this event because it had so many additional factors. Keep in mind at the top level of the male field are breaking 8 hours in a "regular" Ironman. So a solid 50 +/- minutes of open swim racing, 180 km tt at around 43-45 km/h, and then a 2:30 to 2:45 Marathon.

Anyhow, with testing being pretty sparse and performances being fairly insane, it's hard for me to buy into it, especially knowing what sport can be like.
In context of Ironman distance triathlon, this is a good read:

The "record" stands at 7:27:53. It was a two-man exhibition event. I agree Triathlon needs more scrutiny but these exhibition events should be disregarded. Even the swim leg took sub 40 minutes when 47-49 minutes is normal for pros. And a 2:39 marathon does not seem incredible for how the event was conducted. Dave Scott and Mark Allen did similar after a non drafting bike leg in Hawaii in 1989. Sub 2:30 off a non drafting bike leg would ring alarms.
Could someone help me? I once listened to an interview with a skier just caught for doping. I think he might have been Canadian, but I am not sure. I think it was some years ago, probably before the pandemic.

When the interview was held the skiier was just caught, had just called his family etc. He did say everyone was doping. He was in shock of course but also in remorse.

I really want to find it as I thought it was a really good, honest interview. So if someone has a clue what the skier was or the podcast please help.
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