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Giro d'Italia Giro d‘Italia 2024 Stage 3, Novara-Fossano, 166 km

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I have to say, I love swashbuckling riders who don't seem to give a monkey's about the bigger picture. Instinctive. Fun. And Pog does everything with a smile/laugh. I know that there is an element of hubris, and some people will be waiting for him to fail to have their smiley moment .... but then that's part of the entertainment package. And the relationship between cheeky young whipper-snapper Pog and curmudgeonly old man GT is a pretty amusing side show. And, like Thomas and Pidcock, Pogacar doesn't mind having fun with the media.
I can't get off on Visma's approach at all. It's so charmless.
I think many times we love or hate athletes for either dumb reasons or reasons we're not really aware of. And I would be lying if LPDBF had absolutely nothing to do with that.

But I've never vibed with dominance being exciting, and the way a lot of the cycling discourse is going right now is rubbing me the wrong way.
Cheers for that. Indeed if emotional invested into it if thats the case most of the times whatever sport it is dumb reason to not like athletes, personally for me I hate that cause its glass half empty kinda view. For instance ppl hate Ronaldo cause they like Messi and think hes the best which ofc he is but Ronaldo in himself a historic player who should be celebrated just to name a example. Same ofc applies to cycling I do agree with you often in those cases ppl dont get objective if anything. I guess its normal to some degree like you say.

I think Contador at his peak of his power was incredible dominant. Winning GT's with 10 years apart from eachother speaks volume of the ridiculous talent he had. But cheers for the honest assessment thats mature and very respectable!

And lets get Rogla his very well deserved Tour win this year which he has every chances too.