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Giro d'Italia Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 9: Avezzano – Napoli, 214.0k

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Who crashed on the final descent?

Krieger (DNF) and Marcellusi.
turns out it was pretty bad crash for Krieger. Marcellusi came away with abrasions, as it looks like so far.

View: https://twitter.com/TudorProCycling/status/1789732697616572465

Although the replay of the crash was shown right after a water bottle was rolling over the street, there was no connection, by the way. It happened around 1 km earlier.
I've been banned for a short while (a naughty grumpy boomer), but I've been kinda shocked that no one has mentioned (here or in broadcast as far as I can remember) the Tudor victim of that Naples crash...

Given his age of 32 years of age, a lead-out man Alexander Krieger may have even had his last pro peloton crash - he was the motionless guy we momentarily caught on screens - a broken pelvis, multiple fractured ribs. Completely shattered - luckily at least conscious when ambulanced off.

While he is just one of those anonymous workers without a single victory in 15-year career, I still think he deserves a mention, sympathy and hearty "Get Well" wishes.
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