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Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 16: Sabbio Chiese - Monte Bondone 203 km

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So finally a GC stage that delivered! Congrats to Almeida on his first GT stage victory and his courageous ride (in my previous post it should have been n > 0, sorry for my mistake). Thomas proved very strong as well and they distanced Roglic, who wasn't at his best today but Kuss proved invaluable in the last few kilometers and helped him limit the damage. The race is far from over and the outcome today may actually make it more exciting. I still think that Primoz can get better at the end of the race (if he still feels his crash or it was a one-off weaker day). We will see, bring on the decisive three-peat!
Excuses or possible explanations rather are only valid if theyre made on behalf of bambi
Or because he let his team ride to close the gap on the breakaway. So if he feels bad/bothered i would expect him not to do such a thing and get boni seconds on his pants.

all in all he didn't crack as dramatically as it seemed. If it is due to the crash, which has been 4 days ago he will probably also suffer tomorrow.
On the other hand, a lot of Roglic fans were declaring before the Giro his preparation wasn't good and that might affect him in the third week.

Differences are still relative small. Before the giro it was assumed they would have started with a 2minute deficit but that everything is possible. I'm assuming that with everything within 30seconds that is still the case.