Good seats at a Velodrome

Jul 28, 2019
I'm planning on going to Berlin for the track WC. I have never been at a Velodrome so can anyone suggest which section I should choose to sit? Seems all tickets are reasonably priced and many of them still available so nothing is excluded.

Generally, I prefer to sit as close to the action as possible at live-sport events but who does it look at velodromes, is there a lot obstruction, can I still get a decent view of the other side of the tract even sitting in one of the first rows?
I think seats on the backstretch as close as possible to directly across from the start/finish line are usually a pretty decent view especially if you do get seats in the first few rows. But taking binoculars no matter where you sit will add to the experience.
I don't know that particular velodrome well, so I wouldn't want to try and give too much advice. As @oldcrank said, binoculars are good as wherever you sit you'll be away from the action at some point. As mentioned, the start/finish line is likely to see the most action, particularly if you're on a sprint or pursuit day. The few times I've been in the stands at Glasgow I seem to remember it's all pretty good, view-wise. As close to the fences as possible helps wherever you are.
As well as for watching the actual racing, the binoculars are also great for watching the activity in the pits: the warmups, the cooldowns, the mechanics changing gears and wheels between rounds or events, the refueling and rehydrating between rounds of the sprints or the events of the omnium, for example. There is much to watch and learn from that doesn't take place on the Siberian Spruce if one is really interested in the coaching and competition side of the sport in addition to the pure excitement and spectacle of the World Championship racing.