Grand Tour Elimination Game ( 2010s )

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Heal: 2019 Vuelta
Hurt: 2010 Tour

When is the rule that you can't vote for any GT you voted for in the previous entry going to be voided? When there are three races left?
Interesting, how about voting against? Since the begining of the game 2018 Giro has been hurting by 3 members who reeeeaaaaalllllly hate Froome.
The rules at the moment are: You can't vote for a race or against a race you voted in the previous day.
When there are 5 or so races left probably that rule will be scrapped. Planning to edit the standings in a few hours.
Thanks, but the rule on 1st page was a little bit different: "in the previous entry". It may matter.

Just FYI:
9 members hurted 2018 Giro 32 times, and the winner is @RedRick -13 times;
14 members healed this Giro 47 times - and you, @Forever The Best, are of course the best - 10 times.

IMHO - nice game with unfortunately idiotic rules. Few determined members may kill excellent GT voting against every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
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