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Greipel's griping

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Aug 18, 2009
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If Bennati and Petacchi could manage the Poggio, then I'm sure Greipel could have also, and placed respectably. You can say that his palmares isn't that of Cavendish's, but in the slightly smaller races he has been sent to, he's absolutely made the most of them. Wasn't he the second winningest rider last year? He's more than made the case to be riding the premier races. At HTC, maybe the races could be divided up in a way that better reflects his ability. As for another team, Milram seems like the obvious one, although then Ciolek would become the 'second' sprinter.
Mar 19, 2009
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hektoren said:
The day that a British cycling Team lets a German onto their team is a day that is quite common in never-neverland, and otherwise figures most prominently in the figments of the mind of surrealists. IOW, it won't come to fruition.
Andre is too Teutonic, too German, too good, to ever figure on a team that believes too firmly in its own image among "ze-pritishers"

I do not concur us fellow from blihty have no problem with the gerries they are a great race of fellows.... but sky want british riders they cant take a sprinter ike greipal and not cavendish :S
Never really works does it? Griping in public - just comes across as sour grapes and no class. Should always talk with your bike not your mouth. In general I would say if this kind of thing needs to be said it should stay within the team.

And with these kinds of comments I always wonder if...

a) Is it quoted out of context

b) Something has been lost in the translation
Sep 16, 2009
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One of them won't be at Columbia next season. Cavendish is either going to be poached by Sky or Greipel will get a better offer elsewhere. It's going to happen and it will happen sometime this year.

Ideally Columbia will want both to stay around until after the London Olympics when they then can look at Howard to be their sprinter full time. But I don't think their plan will work.
Apr 29, 2009
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Columbia lose the Cavness

ImmaculateKadence said:
Cav won the race last year. Regardless of form, he earned the privilege of a team supporting only his efforts. If Cav didn't win, then yeah send two potential winners, but this year was Cav's race to win or lose.

EDIT: granted he has six wins, but consider what he has won, most of those are regarded as scrimmages by most of the peloton.

Still think AG should have been given a start on the weekend

1/ Cav was always going to be a longshot this year
2/ AG is in brilliant form
3/ Why should it hurt so much to have to potential winners on the squad, show the man some respect for gods sake instead of playing with one of the pelotons best riders careers.