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Groupama FDJ - Official Thread

2017 is a new year, and Team FDJ has risen to a new level. Much to my dismay, FDJ used to be a weak team, exposed in TTT, a team that went with the flow but never put its stamp on a WT race. Things have changed...

L' Equipe FDJ has more depth than ever and is now divided in three groups, with a good amount of flexibility. And the team attracts young French talents...the future. Gaudu is now getting noticed: Maison and Vincent are really good too. It's looking bright.

Marc Madiot was a fantastic rider, but ask Michael Jordan: when you make it to DS or owner, it doesn't always work your way...with the French Lottery committing, the Team is getting better. And Madiot is getting better. His assistants are getting better. Now, riders have their own ITT bike at home and finally get (some of) the resources needed to succeed. It's not Sky, but it's much better.

I won't take the entire first page with the OP, so I won't describe the qualities of each rider. I'll just point out that at the Volta a Catalunya, a make-up TTT team with only Tobias as a specialist finished close to Sky, and was much better than Contador's team. And AG2R, the (friendly) nemesis.

Demare is the best French sprinter, Period. With Cimolai and Garnieri, that's solid. Vichot can help, or be a French Philippe Gilbert type of a rider. And with Steve and Seb, Thibaut Pinot is well surrounded. I could go on and on: all the FDJ riders are good.

FDJ is in a new role, questionable moves have been noted, over-aggressive at times, but FDJ no longer belongs to the bottom-feeder category of pro-cycling. And that is cool :) .
Oct 5, 2016
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I have to say Pinot needs a great Domestique,someone like Landa in Astana and Valverde in Movistar.Else he could not challenge Quintana and even Froome to win a WT

Billie said:
Madiot deserves tons of repsect for how he improved the training methods in the team these last couple years
True. And he managed to get the lottery to pay some :) . He needed the cash. With the re-signing of Tibopino, FDJ has a stronghold in CC Etupes, the best farm system in France. That's key for new talents. And Madiot goes beyond the borders: Eiking is a rider that I feel can become huge. I watched him on a French race last year, solo breakaway, a fighter.

Gaudu will soon get his own thread.
Yes Kirby, you gotta love Reichenbach: his AdH win was legendary, and beating Dumoulin and Froome in a WT ITT is no small feat :D ...

7 wins so far this year: 3 for Demare, 2 for Vichot, 1 each for Tibopino and Cimo. Not bad.

Vichot 3rd today, nice result, a little hesitation during the sprint, close but no cigar...
Tonton said:
Geraint Too Fast said:
I just realised Vichot has never won a pro race outside France. Is he happy to be a big fish in a small pond?
It's not like he didn't try :eek: . But it's true that against the top international competition, Arthur struggles to come on top. 3rd yesterday, 3rd again today...

Does he really try though? I get the impression he is very comfortable at FDJ and isn't really pushing his limits, but maybe I overate him.
You're right to some extend, and that's the very essence of the OP: FDJ has long been a small team, irrelevant on the international scene. Small budget, the sprinter had no train, the GT leader had no road captain, yikes...

Last year was a turning point, IMO, with Reichebach's signing, now Guarnieri and Cimolai...and we see FDJ active in the front of races, delivering strong TTT performances. This is not the same FDJ.

Alexandre B. said:
Absolutely horrid G-W.

Why so many flat tires?
That's what happens when you buy Sky's used wheels...marginal gains...big losses :D .

The meat of the calendar is starting now, and I'm curious to see what happens. FDJ is no Quick-Step (thank goodness). So FDJ can win :) . With both Cimolai and Guarnieri, and when Reza gets back in shape, watch out!

Still, there are some formidable teams and riders: GVA and Sagan. Kristoff, Gaviria, even Boonen and Gilbert. Many more. It's not easy to win at this level...
Apr 1, 2013
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Re: Re:

Alexandre B. said:
Alpe-Thibaut said:
I have to say Pinot needs a great Domestique,someone like Landa in Astana and Valverde in Movistar.Else he could not challenge Quintana and even Froome to win a WT
Reichenbach is doing a great job. One of the best domestiques out there.

they also have Steve Morabito, who used to be one of the most valuable helpers in the mountains while at BMC ....
however, somehow I don't see Thibaut Pinot delivering - a very talented guy, but needs to get his mind cleared and focussed ....
Blah, blah, blah... :) ...let's talk about it after the Giro.

Demare is strong and well surrounded. The next few weeks are big. Against a bloodthirsty Sagan and the other usual suspects, it's no gimme. But he can prevail, or at the very least be a factor. He'll win a big thing soon.
Update on Marc Madiot