Heart rate threshold

Nov 26, 2012
I have a pretty high maximum heart rate of 194 (I'm 50). What I've noticed is that, in comparison with training colleagues, I tend to spend more time in the "Threshold zone" in Strava (169-188 bpm), even in efforts where I feel comfortable and they complain. While I know that max heart rate is different from person to person and unrelated to fitness level, my question is if and how much different individuals have different profiles in terms of how much time a) they spend close to their max heart rate and b) they are able to sustain it. (in other words, is it a indicator of over-training or it depends on the person).

How much time you can spend near your threshold while producing lots of power is a good indicator of recovery.

If you can't produce near your threshold, then chances are your training volume is too high, or you aren't recovered after an unusually long event.