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Could someone look into why my regular IP has been banned?

My username is still valid. I don't recall posting anything that would warrant a ban. Did I cross some invisible line? If so it seems rather harsh to get banned without warning or knowledge of the reason.
Entitled to an answer?

It may just be my imagination, but it seems some posters are disappearing without a trace.
On reading this, I can see why.
While the moderators may not see the need to reply, I would imagine forum members would appreciate some clarification as to whether this is so, in order to avoid the obvious pitfalls.

Guidelines are useful, but sanctions, when implimented, are confusing, without clarification.

Surely some form of notification to the individual, as to the reasons for their removal from the forum should be forthcoming as a common courtesy.

It doesn't appear to have happened, in this case.
Apr 15, 2009
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Been lurking for a while but these sposts kind of rung a bell.

I agree with what Brod deal and Mellow Velo suggest, don't ban someone then not bother telling them why, that's just crass. If you are going to run and manage a forum that works then you need to install some kind of warning system if posters step over the line, make them aware of it and explain why they are in that position.

If you don't every other cycling forum in existence will take great pleasure in slagging you off as hard handed dictators unwilling to allow opinions to differ from a decreed policy line. Most of us will understand the position you are in but people will start asking questions.