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Hildenbrand kissing Ball's you-know-what



He forgot to include the asterisk. Should read:

*We use only the youngest Chinese children because their tiny hands ensure every minute detail meets Mr Ball's expectations.

The guy is a tool. Screw him and anything he puts his hands on.
If you want hard nose reporting then go to velocity nation. This was a simple article about new products from Rock Racing, not an expose on the team's history. Should every article about Trek include information about how their star rider has tested positive for EPO six times?

The bikes look awful, but why shouldn't they have cheap plastic bikes made in Asia and sell them for a premium price under their own name. It's what most of the bike "manufacturers" do.
Jul 14, 2009
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jaewegne if that was what you think soft core porn is you are not watching enough to judge. The writers first sentences state that nothing about the team, only shirts shorts and carbon fiber. Ball is a tool and is one of my least favorites but he does support cycling and hoses things like Hamilton. To anybody typing things about being made with little slave hands in China it's better to list the dozen company names that don't use China as their labor camp. It's too late we are addicted to 3k carbon bikes, and cheap jeans.
Mar 10, 2009
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Can't wait to buy one of the Rock bikes, will complete all my Rock Kits. My girl wanted a new bike for Christmas, guess I just found the brand she will be getting, as well.

The artice is about Interbike, not the history...one I'm not sure why some people are not fond of...of the cool Rock Racing team.


Aug 17, 2009
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I think Rock Racing rules. Good luck with new product line. Love Tyler Hamilton even though he made some big boo-boos.
Some of the jerseys can stand improvement.