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History repeats - Armstrong's successors named

In the aftermath of Festina, the UCI embraced Lance Armstrong as the white knight that would lead the sport out a dark place.

We all know how well that ended.

Now, with the ink barely dry, McQuaid has already identified and sanctioned the next great doper:

"Asked by the AP who represented a brighter future for cycling, McQuaid pointed to riders such as Vincenzo Nibali of Italy, Geraint Thomas of Britain and Tejay van Garderen of the United States..."

Looks like these guys just got a doping pass for up to 7 Tours.

Back in 99 could tell us that he was able to win now because the peloton had become much cleaner. Something we have heard repeated by several other riders the last years. It might be true. It was back in 99 at least. Just Armstrong forgot to tell us that he was one of the people who did dope.