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Holeshot against a World Champ: Multicam Video

Jul 25, 2011
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Teammate Ian Magale gets the holeshot on the 1-2 field at Eagle Island and might have held it, well maybe. Richard Feldman (World Champ and super-cool guy) may have had something to say about it. The intro is shows the drama and the race is at 4:10.

Two Questions:

Is it worth it to be on the front?
Should you always pass whenever you have a chance?
I love watching Cris's video's!

I haven't got a clue on the holeshot question though, I'm not that familiar with cross race tactics. Wouldn't logic say that getting the hole shot keeps you from getting caught up in traffic later? I mean, how much does drafting really save in a cross race?
Mar 10, 2009
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An obsession with the 'holeshot' is peculiar to North American 'cross. Being near the front is important, being first into the first corner of a 1+ hour race is not. And yes, drafting is critically important in cyclocross especially towards the end of the race.