Horrific Atack By Car Driver On Critical Mass Demonstaters.

Apr 14, 2010
Amazing what people can do when they snap. The driver was so out of control he (i assume it's a 'he') didn't care one iota about even his own car, let alone the fact he would likely be id'd and charged.

Of course to anyone else we know the chance of killing or seriously hurting someone is what is most concerning about this crazy and raged action. At the same time, it's incredible to witness someone lose it so bad they don't even care what happens to them. Anyone remember the Michael Douglas film "Falling Down"?
Mar 8, 2010
I think many of them will need a long time to ever ride a bike on streets again without paranoia, and they will never forget the sounds.
Dec 31, 2010
That was hard to watch.

I've been scared of something like that happening. I'm not sure how it is in other towns but here in Austin, Critical Mass will take up the whole upper deck of Interstate 35 during rush hour. They also yell at motorists that try to get by them (even in a safe manner).

Hopefully enough motorists and cyclists will see this awful video and decide that there's a better, more tolerant way.

Jun 15, 2010
critical a**. that movement neither has the brains and/or the money to impact anything remotely positive for cyclists. tried it once an there were more dbags on bikes than aholes in their cars. mix that in with a little provacation/road rage = brazil
Oct 20, 2010
is critical mass really worth it? the ones here will never bring real change. a lot of people i've talked to go just for the choas of it. why not have city council meetings or elect those in your area who stand up for alternate transportation? seems really silly to die or be injured while participating in something like critical mass.
May 26, 2009
Yelling & screaming at the motorist gets no result other than aggression. Blogging about Cycle Safety and incidents gets little result and read of "Aussies" discovering the value of Helmet Cameras in the SMH today which reminded me of the CyclingSilk. who was threatened with death on the record and is still awaiting the english cops to awake from their 19th century trance.

One of my pet hates is people parking on "Disabled parking spots" !

Today in the Zillertal i saw a rep for Salomon do just that, he went into the pharmacist to fill a medication order. When he was about to drive off i pointed out the markings and reminded him that one of his colleagues was "one handed"

Told him to drive carefully as he took off as he told me to" button it" and he promptly rearranged his panelwork against another car .

Point of this is that regardless of what you say to people they will not listen !
I've only just seen the video. Pretty disturbing, for many reasons. I haven't read much about it, nor have I heard much about it, so I can't say much right now, but it's very sickening. I don't wan't to generalize, but I am willing to bet that these things happen more often than we realize in heavily populated places where cycling might be popular, i.e., India, China, Brazil, etc. If this was on purpose, which it seems like it might be, it's horrible, but unfortunately, I've seen this happen several times before, albeit it had nothing to do with a large cycling ride. Not sure what goes through these people's minds, but it probably isn't good. I guess I don't want to know what went through that person's mind. Sick.