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How about the TDF of mountain biking in the U.S.?

Jul 20, 2010
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How about a multi-stage event of mountain bike racing across the USA. There would be different classifications and the terrain will vary on each stage...some stages could have paved road, fire road, trails, all mountain, etc. and some will have steep technical decents, etc. The multiple types of terrain on each stage will make tire choices that much more critical for each stage. Something like this would be fun to watch I think. Maybe it's something that Lance could get into and bring attention to. Sponsors would definitely get a big boost in mountain bike sales, parts related to mountain biking, etc.

Why not even make a few stages all road, but require a mountain bike to be used.

Lots of possibilities that would make a race like this a lot more interesting than the TDF IMO.

Heck even surround the race with a reality-tv show based on the events leading up to the race to bring it more exposure.