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How friggin good was the Canc ? Bodes well for the TTT

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Mar 13, 2009
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adrenaline, and pride.

Plus, there is a maillot jaune up for grabs. If you get in a move that the peloton lets ride away, it is best you have a few seconds on the break compatriots, to take yellow.

Then there is the maillot jaune after the TTT. Every rider who can tt, in Saxo, Astana, Coumbia and Garmin, would have their eyes on that prize, and that would have been a competition between teammates and their competitors between said 4 teams.

Wearing the maillot jaune will bring you a big contract.
blackcat said:
they are riding tempo. It ain't chasing.

Look at the 65km TTT in 2005, and even tho DZ crashed, there would not have been more than 2 seconds in the other direction.

1 Discovery Channel Team 1.10.39 (57.324 km/h)
2 Team CSC 0.02
3 T-Mobile Team 0.35
4 Liberty Seguros - Würth Team 0.53

That was 65, with disproportionate splits opening in the back end.

40km, the trains' terminal velocities will be similar. There will be under 30 separating the top 3 teams.

Here is the 45km intermediate split

Onzain - km 45.8 (all teams through)
1 Team CSC 47.08
2 Discovery Channel Team 0.06
3 T-Mobile Team 0.07
3 Liberty Seguros - Würth Team 0.20
5 Phonak Hearing Systems 0.49
6 Credit Agricole 0.57