How to choose a serious carbon MTB wheels like a pro?

Feb 26, 2017
I m planning writing a article talk about how to choose a carbon wheels, I really need some advises from you guys,

for now I think if you really wanna fully customized carbon wheel-sets, you need to specification those items.

Hub model *
Rim outer width *
Freehub body *
Brake system *
Spoke *
Nipple *
Finish *
Weave *
Decal *
Tubeless tape *
Valve stem *

so my questions is ,do I miss sth? or some of them is unnecessary? please advise..
The answer to some of those questions depends on the type of riding you plan to do. I would also suggest that most of the wheel systems (ie: Stan's, DT, Ind9, Bontrager, Roval, Shimano, Race Face...) take the guess work out of it for you.

XC Trail-

Hub model * Neo Boost
Rim outer width * External measurement is irrelevant..internal measurement at least 25mm
Freehub body * Shimano MS Driver
Brake system * Shimano Center-Lock Disc
Spoke * Sapim Force 2.0/1.8/2.0 or DT Revolution 2.0/1.6/2.0
Nipple * Sapim Alloy or DT Alloy
Finish * Black
Weave * ? None
Decal * Black
Tubeless tape * Stan's
Valve stem * Stan's or Mavic
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