How To Make 1 Million Euros in Cycling

Be the group that sells the WC to a city.

The 2015 Host, Richmond Va. Raised some $21 million USD.

The City Grandfathers sold on the idea that this event stimulates tourism income.

City hotel occupancy rates in September decreased 7.2 percent compared with the previous year, and restaurant sales essentially were stagnant, decreasing less than 1 percent.


A little later, the Richmond organizing committee gets a $1 million Euro rebate.
Une ristourne d’environ 1 millions d’Euros a été accordée au comité d’organisation de Richmond. Vous nous aviez conseillé d’accepter cette proposition négociée par notre collègue Mike Plant.

Who earned $1 million Euros?
Was Mike Plant, UCI official, a tough negotiator for himself? Who else from Medalists Sports, Mike Plant's company was involved? Tim Miller!!! C'mon down Tim!