Question Hybrid to Single-Brake Road

Feb 20, 2020
First time posting and I was looking for some advice. I recently had my 18-speed hybrid (with front and rear brakes) stolen. I’m looking to get a road bike since I mainly bike in the city for commuting. I found one local but it only has a front brake, no coast brake. Would it be worth it to go single or would I be better off adding a rear brake or getting a different bike? Thanks for the tip
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A front brake provides around 70-80% of your braking, so mechanically you'll likely be fine. Legally it will very much depend on where you live. In the UK you are required to have an independent brake on each wheel. A fixed gear with a front brake is fine (the fixed gear counts as a brake) but anything else needs two brakes. It'll depend on the bike but it should be very simple and fairly cheap to fit a rear brake.

Whether you should buy that bike or a different one is a completely different question that's pretty much impossible to answer without a lot more information.
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