I Miss the ...

You have a politically charged echo chamber in full bloom right now. The Coronavirus Thread.
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Not sure if it is just an interest in TDF parcours, but I've noticed a number of ancient posters - who seemed to have disappeared - posting again recently, which I think is a good thing.

Personally I feel as if the 'liking' of posts has added a positive new dimension to this place since its inception (about 18 months ago?).
The Forum wasn't built in a day.
Maybe not a day, but he sure made it a more awesome place:

Nah Ban Pro Cycling and his incarnations were kind of pro Armstrong troll. Wonderlance was a parody of all things Armstrong, then later Sky with a dash of Evans.

There was another pro-LA poster who was sort of. a parody. I can't remember his screen name, anyone help me here? He was permabanned in 2012, so we never got to see his reaction to the fall of his idol.

To speak to the OP, I miss being treated like an adult. Adults are allowed to discuss politics, even if sometimes the conversation resembles that of 5 year olds. Adults are told why someone has been banned, and for how long. And adults are given the information they need to decide for themselves if a rider should have been banned.

But many large institutions these days have decided that most people aren't adults, and shouldn't be treated as such.