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Icons on thread titles

On the lists of threads there is the thread originator's name and icon (or initial) on the left, below the thread name, and on the right there is the name of the last person to contribute, accompanied by an icon which is sometimes the one used by the last contributor, and sometimes that of the original poster.

Entirely unimportant, but strange coding to bring that about.
I think if you choose a specific icon for the thread title - ie not your own avatar or a system-generated initial - that icon gets used. So eg in the track cycling list, the last-posted icon for the Champions League thread is the thread icon but on other pages it is the last poster's avatar or system-generated initial. Not a lot of people choose thread-specific icons, they just let the system run with their own avatar.
Random question: how come some rider topics show an image in the overview, but this one just has my own avatar.
Go to the OP and click on the dots to get the option "Choose thumbnail".

It works if you use the thumbnail size of the image. So add this image to the OP: https://cdn.directvelo.com/mediacache/photo/uploads/media/photos/6309168e76e8b_thumb.JPG

You may have to reload the page to add it as thumbnail. Afterwards, you can delete the little image in the OP and still have a thumbnail for the thread.

It also doesn't work when you resize the image in your first post. The image will then not show up in the thumbnail options. So make sure your first post is saved without the image resized before adding the thumbnail. After adding the thumbnail, you can resize if you want.

These infos helped, thanks. But apparently you can't alter it after choosing one? :sweatsmile: