In which stage will Anton crash out.

In which stage will Anton crash out?

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cineteq said:
tasteless is right. ryo gets suspended all the time by laughing at riders' crashes, why shouldn't the same rules apply to this OP?
I don't laugh at it, I am just pointing at the excessive amount of Vuelta threads. This was the first random thing that came to mind, i could've started a thread about Gesink crashing or about any other random rider with a habit of crashing or making weird actions. I actually found it really sad when Anton crashed out in 2010 and one year ago i was hoping he would win the 2011 edition. Today i was just being 110% sarcastic
May 2, 2010
Hahaha ! Hadn't seen this. Really evil. Hope he doesn't crash and is at his best in the Vuelta.