Interesting article by Sports Illustrated

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Jun 19, 2009
runningboy et al

You guys are on target about the generalizations. The biggest factor I've seen is the widespread acceptance of the commercial media word as fact. David Walsh may have derided the SI reporters for not pursuing the truth but he was wasting his time. SI is the People magazine of sport. They sold what their audience bought as does most American media. Fortunately forums like this force the real information to the surface and demand that issues be addressed. SI now will sell that smelly fish because Americans will begin to look for the stink. There will continue to be blind followers, like the San Francisco bartender that was convinced that Barry Bonds just "matured" into the bloated home run hitter. Their world is small and their daily routines depend on such reassuring rewards from their heroes. I think it can be the same way anywhere when the way information is diseminated is controlled by a few. Where did Rupert Murdoch come from?