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Is Marty Briun a vanker?

Jul 17, 2009
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As usual the morally and financially corrupt dictators under the dodgy leadership of Patsy McQ UCI get it wrong.
What got into his tiny brain or big wallet disqualifying Cav.
You are making a laughing stock out of our sport by your double standards and extreme incompetence.


Underhand. Corrupt and Incompetent
Mar 10, 2009
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Martin is about as close to a professional official as can be. He works over 200 days a year as a commissaire so I'd say he has more lifetime experience at professional bike races than most managers. Most UCI officials have carreers and give huge amounts of their free time to cycling. Commissaires are not employed by the UCI, they have carreers and are often well paid in those professions. Do They make bad calls? Yes and lots of good calls too. Attacking the officials just show a lack of perspective. Without their oversight the race is just a ride.
So mr. saxe_coburg_gotha how and what are you doing to improve things? Do you volunteer at the local race? Ever serve your federation? If you don't like the structure of cycling then change it.