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Is Tejay on "the program"?

Jun 16, 2009
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timmers said:
Here's a young american guy having results that he at least thinks are good. Rode for Rabo Continental so would have been exposed to the european program. Is he doping?

There are no rumours of a program at Rabocontinental. It's an amateur team of mainly espoir riders, who tend to be earmarked for the squad right out of the youth and juniors as "supertalents"

Bernard Kohl rode for them, and although he admits to doping at that stage, he clarifies that he was doing that alone, without the knowledge and support of the team.
And considering that most Rabo CT riders so far have failed to become super world beaters, I don't think there ever was a program.
Even the ones that stayed at Rabobank are average riders like Weening or Posthuma. Only few stand out (T.Dekker before getting caught, Gesink)