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Is this year's Tour exciting enough?

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And its also good that all competitions (except for the white jersey, sort of) are still very much open. Yellow, between Schleck and Contador (pity of the 10 seconds of Sanchez, otherwise he would still be in the mix as well, would be interesting with the short steep finish and the downhill to come. Though he will lose it uphill anyway). Green, between Hushovd, Petacchi and Cavendish, will give fireworks on unforeseen moments I am sure. And the polka dot between Charteau and Pineau with dark horse Moreau, and I expect a new name to emerge in the last week as well.
Mar 12, 2009
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I feel it's been quite interesting so far, but I'm really hoping for a Schleck/Contador battle all the way through. The fight for green may be the most interesting!