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Jean Marie Le Blanc adds his 2 cents..

Oct 12, 2012
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From De Volkskrant

google translate:

Jean-Marie Leblanc, former director of the Tour de France, maintains that Lance Armstrong is "the greatest champion of his generation". But Leblanc would not wash his hands. In an interview with the Times he says that he 'has lost a lot of illusions' by the recent doping revelations .

Behind bars
That Leblanc illusions are lost, not only by Lance Armstrong, but also by other champions, by doctors and numerous managers. "Dr. Ferrari belongs behind bars, Johan Bruyneel maybe," he says in the Volkskrant.

It is the first time that Leblanc reacts to the revelations about doping network of the American, who has been finally removed from the roll of honor. Eighteen Rounds Leblanc has organized. Seven of them have no winner any more since Monday. For the public it makes no sense now to call yet another winner. And that's also not to come.

"That he used doping, is clear. I have no doubt, "says the 68-year-old Frenchman. The report by the U.S. Anti-Doping Usada he left unread.

Despite all the stories he remains convinced that riders can ride the Tour without doping. "Cycling is a sport of relative values: you drive against your competitors. Even without doping there will be a first and another will be last. I am a humanist and a little naive, some say. But rather than cynicism. "

Promising talent
Leblanc has since 2010 been Chairman of L'Amicale du Cyclisme, a foundation that aims to promote the French cycling and each year a price indicates a promising talent. he follows the tour from some distance. "Every year I go once or twice to look. And I follow the big stages on television. But if I'm busy in the garden, it can happen that I forget. The Tour doesn't govern my life anymore. "

Wednesday in Paris the route of the Tour de France 2013 presented. Leblanc was there at the Palais des Congrès.
In brief.

Q: Do you share McQuaid's optimism for the future?

A: Only if the system that allowed Armstrong to get away with it must be removed. Nothing changes if the system (teams, finance etc) stays the same.

Q: Were you surprised

A: No it was inevitable. (Comments about the pro-tour). Had refrained from commenting before..

Q: Why does the ASO stay with UCI

A: The ASO made the business decision to only be involved with organizing and changed its position with regard to anti-doping.

Q & A - criticises ASO for their silence

Q & A - Reform or revolution - not the current men in charge ie JV, not the riders as based on their reactions. finds it funny that Rabobank who were always big backers of Verbruggen have jumped ship.

says the sport needs a revolution but believes it will never happen.