Jeff Novitsky

Mar 18, 2015
Jeff pretty much turned in Lance Armstrong.

Now he is the VIP of health at UFC.

Fun to see how he is cleaning up the ranks in the UFC.

E.g T.J Dillashaw just got popped for EPO -

I would like to see Jeff become UCI president, he has the right approach on sports and health ethics. It would do good in cycling (did you watch van der poel at flanders ? doped to the gills IMO)
that move no longer allows the "spectacle" of specimens, that the UFC produces. Oh well masking agents will be rampant, and maybe we'll see trainers with Haribo packages with them at UFC events.. heh heh heh
Rogan said. “You’ve got to think, if you’re on EPO – how much does that allow you to train extra time? How much does it allow you to recover? What is the quantifiable benefit? It must be pretty significant. … I almost want to try it.”
we know you do Joe. Add that into the TRT and HGH and DMT cocktail. I sincerely can't understand Joe's stance on substance abuse. On the one hand he personally goes whole-hog as an amateur athlete, and makes a living talking about it via his podcast. On the other hand, someone who would get all the same benefits as him (to quality of life, professional advancement, etc), is allowed to use*, just not get caught. Joe Rogan is all about normalizing better living through chemistry, which I think is a fine stance to take, but why hold literal gladiators to some other made up standard than the rest of society?

*no one thinks anyone in MMA is clean



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