John Gadret

Apr 26, 2010
He has had some very impressive results this Giro! And this year seems like his reincarnation, he has been getting top ten finishes in the mountain stages of the Giro and is currently in 17th place, had he not lost too much time in the Netherlands and with the TTT, he would have been much higher.
I remember a brief article about him two years ago in Procycling magazine, which was headed by: "Who has seen John Gadret?" He has indeed appeared out of the fog again....
I always get suspiscious when riders appear out of the fog...Any suggestions?
Mar 13, 2009
Typical frenchman - has a lot of talent but not the necessary ambition.

No that's of course a clichet but I was happy for him, always nice to see an underdog do so well and AG2R is a great team but hasn't had many good performances this season.
If you look at his previous results, you see that he's always been climbing well, even in the bigger races, although he's never getting any big results except from some quite decent top 10's.