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Kohl vs. Vaughters

Mar 16, 2009
In today's story regarding J. Vaughters's refutation that the Tour top ten from last summer could ALL have been found positive, the reporter states:

"Vaughters' story seems to run counter to Kohl's assertion that the blood passport results were beneficial in helping riders to regulate their doping."

Help me understand how Vaughters's willingness to accept UCI-provided blood values in any way belies Kohl's completely plausible claim that HAVING THAT INFORMATION helps skillful riders micro-manage their doping programs to evade detection.

And just an aside, regarding overall credibility: Kohl is a confessed cheat who has indicated that he will be completely frank about his past activities. Maybe he will; maybe he won't. Vaughters, however, is a highly likely cheat during his career who has remained coy about his own doping experiences and now loudly proclaims that his team, employing at least one known high-profile cheat, is helping to turn the page to a clean era in cycling. Yeah. OK.