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Krebs' Free form/Chaos Thread

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Not sure how many fans here...the Women's College World Series was fantastic in every way. The level of play continues to improve year after year. As the teams get beat those advancing are guaranteed to let you see what the game is supposed to look like.
Last night UCLA took the title..what a fvckin game! For anybody who loves sports it's a must see..and if you didn't see it live a couple of day old video won't be stale ..


(from https://www.cabinetmagazine.org/kiosk/komska_yuliya_4_march_2021.php)
An apartment building collapsed in Miami..people are dead..lots of suffering in every direction.
watching workers from all over the US..watching rescue workers from Mexico and Israel careful fill buckets 24/7 makes all of us proud to be humans..inspirational ..truly fantastic..
I rode my new motorcycle( new to me) to the pass where Krebs ashes are scattered..rode by his house..gate was locked..so I was not able to achieve part of my objectives..which was to see his dogs..my last visit had Pancho and Lefty in good health,w the exception of their tiny Chihuahua teeth which they are loosing ..one thing that is still looking good and pretty shiny..Kreb's white Crown Vic which he bought at an auction in Los Angeles..we got many laughs over people talking \asking about the "Cop chip"..urban legend Krebs told me..yes police interceptor models had some mods but not much in the way of performance..when I first moved about @60k from Krebs ..I rode to his house as my turn around..I had a slow leak..but needed a presta tube w a long valve..he took both front and rear tubes out of one of his bikes to help me out..I started riding home..there is a horrible climb that goes from the beach up a nasty mountain in La Mision..it's part of Rosarito - Ensenada fun ride..lots of people..including me don't like the multi mile 7-8% grade..once you get up the climb,it dumps you on rolling plains that normally..always have a head wind..Krebs had discovered that I forgot my Shrader-Presta adapter..he got in his police car and went to give it to me..while behind me..he filmed my efforts..I am normally..always known as chubby in cycling circles..I enjoy eating broken glass more than going up multiple big hills..I especially detest group climbing were people..encourage me..wait for me..tell me I am doing well..double back so that we are climbing together..anyway..he gave me the adapter..since we just saw each other..he handed it to me..I said thanks,he left..
A few weeks later I went for a small BBQ..he played the video of me climbing as party entertainment..and it brought the house down.. Just another fond memory..RIP