Lance Training in Colorado

Apr 18, 2009
Alpe d'Huez said:
You must have missed this thread if you want dirt roads.

Kind of amusing video actually. I like the joke about the kids and "old man's working". But isn't Lance technically supposed to be wearing an Astana kit? Uh-oh, I smell scandal! :rolleyes:

He apparently has some sort of deal where he is not required to wear the Astana stuff in training, as he's been appearing in the Livestrong gear all season long, in training photos.
LOL Condor!

Didn't know BikeChatter was your doing, David. Cool. :cool:

Agree with Lance that Michael J Fox is amazing. You see him interviewed and he is a hero.

Glad to see Lance being more fatherly and spending time with his kids.

Nike sucks. :mad: