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Late breaking news for JB's 2010 team(?), plus other tasty tidbits...

Mar 10, 2009
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opps, am I copying and pasting again?!?!?

Tour de France stage 9: Lance Armstrong will ride for new team in 2010, Livestrong-Nike?
July 12, 5:39 PM


TARBES, France — Lance Armstrong will return to cycling and compete in the Tour de France in 2010 with a team perhaps named Livestrong-Nike or an alternative configuration of the companies' names.

Armstrong, speaking with French national television Sunday following stage 9 of the Tour de France in Tarbes, said negotiations for the new team are more difficult than riding in the cycling's biggest cycling event. But he expects talks will result in a team directed by current Astana director, Johan Bruyneel, Armstrong's close friend.

Currently in third place, Armstrong spoke with two broadcasters on eve of the race's first rest day in Limoges. Ironically, one of the interviewers was Laurent Fignon of France.

Fignon, a two-time Tour de France winner, is undergoing chemotherapy. He announced his cancer just prior to the Tour de France, and he has appeared daily during boadcasts bald and with a bloated face from his medication.

Armstrong returned to the Tour de France in 1999 to win the first of seven Tour de France titles after more than two years away from the sport following chemotherapy for metasticized testicular cancer.

Whatever its name, Armstrong's team will be likely be a vast departure from Astana. The squad currently has riders in second, third, fourth and sixth overall in the Tour de France. Astana could also make history as the first Tour de France team to finish with riders in the top-three positions.

But the team has also been plagued by financial difficulties and didn't secure its position in theTour de France until just prior to the start July 4 in the Monaco. Armstrong previously said he would consider paying for the team's budget, an estimated $8 million through the end of the season, if the Astana financing didn't materialize.

Armstrong said in May during the Tour of Italy, a budget to for one season would like cost an estimated $12-20 million.

Often laughing, Armstrong said Sunday during his interview that he's not going to concede the Tour de France to teammate Alberto Contador of Spain. Armstrong is two seconds behind Contador, and he believes the two riders will battle for the overall title.

“I won't just sign off on third-place yet,” said Armstrong. “To be completely honest, there has been some slight friction on the team. Alberto has some aggressive ambitions; I won this race a few times so I understand."

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