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Latest Italian Drug Bust Raid.

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My conclusions: all second rate squadre even cicloamatori. A mere mole hill in a mountain range. It's like big time tax evaders in this country who get away with murder, while the peons trying to make it to the end of the month and hide some of their earnings get screwed by the investigators.
Great analogy.

blackcat said:
Where is Joe Papp for an opinion?
Out riding, I hope. Don't know that he's in Italy. You sure TFF? Last I heard he had a full-time job, and had been off the bike for some time, but had found some inspiration to get out and ride of late, so let's hope he's out there having a great time on the bike.

Excellent, candid post there Zoncolan.

Turd Ferguson said:
Hence the Amgen TOC....Giving back to the community that supports them!
Without even testing for the product! Brilliant I say!