Leave the Rookie Alone, or Nip it in the Bud?

Feb 14, 2010
It's hardly identity theft - it's a problem with journalists on twitter not knowing who they're following. The account is gone, but still cached on Google. Here's the name and bio:

* Name Peter Sagan News
* Bio First-hand news on Slovak professional road bicycle racer Peter Sagan
So they claim to have first hand knowledge, but if you look at older tweets, it's ridiculous to consider it as a genuine source of news. But a site that generates a lot of stories, like Biciciclismo (my fave) or Tuttobiciweb, will post a story, and everyone else runs with it.

It's like the Contador story in Humo that claimed someone from Astana gave them details about Clenbuterol use and blood doping. Take a good look at the site, and see if you think they're a reliable source of information with journalistic integrity. And how in God's name would someone from Astana get to them instead of a cycling or news publication?

Do a search for your favorite actress on twitter, and you'll find twenty accounts claiming to be her. Maybe you'll find a verified one.

Here are the old tweets from the cache - the problem ones were apparently deleted before the account shut down.

1. Peter Sagan named the most impressive neo-pro of 2010 by Velochrono magazine. http://bit.ly/cEmsLF 6:38 PM Nov 16th via web
2. Peter Sagan in Cancun. "The sky is overcast but I am enjoying [the sea] 100%." http://bit.ly/aNYR9r 7:58 AM Oct 26th via web
3. Chihuahua Criterium race organisers are no misers: a six-day exclusive holiday paid for Peter Sagan and others at the sea resort in Cancun. 8:18 PM Oct 22nd via web
4. Peter Sagan in Mexico for the last race of the season - the Chihuahua Criterium. Kreuziger, Basso, Oss, Juraj Sagan. 7:59 PM Oct 22nd via web
5. Sagan's health checkup did not find anything. "I am confused. I was told the stress might be the factor. I am happy but still concerned." 7:57 PM Oct 22nd via web
6. Peter Sagan DNF at Giro di Lombardia, throwing towel 60km to the line when climbing. "It made no sense to continue pedaling." 6:01 PM Oct 16th via web
7. Sagan 's Lombardia start in question. "I believe I will not [be there]. I think [Liquigas] should finally realize I need to recuperate." 5:23 AM Oct 14th via web
8. A health check to discover what causes Sagan 's stomach spasms done. Results next week. 7:20 PM Oct 9th via web
9. Peter Sagan skips Paris-Tours because of an acute swollen knee after falling from a bike in training. 7:08 PM Oct 9th via web
10. Peter Sagan: "I would need to undergo a thorough medical screening in Europe [to find out the problem]". 11:39 PM Oct 2nd via web
11. Stomach spasms have been Sagan 's frequent problem since early summer. He originally suspected plane food and jet lags as main culprits. 11:36 PM Oct 2nd via web
12. Sagan pulled from the race 4 laps to the finish due to stomach spasms. "It ****es me terribly off. I'm so angry it's beyond description." 11:33 PM Oct 2nd via web
13. Peter Sagan DNF. 10:47 PM Oct 2nd via web
14. Peter Sagan says Pozzato or Cancellara may win. Peter Velits' favourites: Goss or Gilbert. 8:27 PM Oct 1st via web
15. Philippe Gilbert names Sagan among hot candidates for RR title, ready to attack on the last climb. 8:09 PM Oct 1st via web
16. Peter Velits on possible changes in Vuelta 2010 GC: "I am not happy. I do not want to move up in GC like that. It is sad." 6:01 AM Oct 1st via web
17. Peter Sagan on RR circuit: "Few technical sections, but quite difficult. The first hill is lengthy, the second one is just a 500m bumb." 10:32 AM Sep 30th via web
18. LiquigasDoimo Liquigas Sport announces that expanded relationship with Cannondale: in 2011 will start Pro Cycling Team Liquigas-Cannondale 3:16 AM Sep 30th via Twitter for BlackBerry® Retweeted by petersagannews and 9 others
19. Peter Velits: "[There are just 3 of us for RR] but we have not yet decided in what order to take the podium." #joke 10:36 PM Sep 28th via web
20. Slovak team in Geelong: Laco Velits (boss), Martin Velits, Martin Mahdar, Jan Valach (mngr), Peter Velits, Peter Sagan. http://bit.ly/bhtpjU 10:09 PM Sep 28th via web