LeMond, master of puppets?

Is LeMond pulling the strings in the Armstrong affair?

As I understand it, Landis' lawyers in the qui tam case worked for LeMond. That is a nice coincidence. LeMond would have built up a large amount of information when he sued Trek. Is it being used in the qui tam case? Was it given to the USADA?

A question that occurs to me is who owns the information that is gathered by lawyers working for a client. In a normal work for hire situation, the work belongs to the person paying. All the investigation info, depositions, affidavits, etc. would be work paid for by the client. Does it belong to the lawyers' client? What if the lawyers pursue another suit for another client using the information paid for by the first client. Is the first client owed a piece of the action? Did LeMond give his okay to use everything he gathered?
Sep 25, 2009
the doping case against armstrong is entirely driven by the usada.

usada have given enough clues as to the type, origin and nature of the evidence...

i can not see how and where greg lemond, even considering his well known antipathy, perhaps a personal feud, is in the driving seat.

yes, some evidence featured in his case against trek/armstrong could be useful to usada wrt showing his doping in the 90s... i am shuffling my vanishing memory here - mcilvan records, ferrari connection, armstrong's ex potential deposition..i can not come up with much more.

all of this has been entered in public records and can be freely used to join the dots where appropriate.

the rest of the case is based on the NEW evidence that more or less surfaced during the novi investigation.

lemond could surely play a role in helping hesitant riders to overcome fear of armstrong's retaliation and intimidation.

in fact, it would be perfectly consistent with his uncompromising fearless stance to encourage riders to talk to usada. I am sure he made calls and tried to do everything he can in that regard.

what else am i missing ?
I think it's a valid legal question. But also seriously doubt Greg is the puppet master here. I think he would welcome any chance to be helpful and clean up the sport, but to be the mastermind behind it just doesn't strike me as being like him.
Apr 13, 2010
Having read the OP again - and ignored the Muppet Master bit - I don't think it's too far fetched that LeMond coulda/woulda been interviewed and supplied whatever he had.

However, I do think it'd be far too far fetched and tin-foil-hatty to venture down the Muppet Show avenue...
python said:
what else am i missing ?
LeMond may have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars gathering info about Armstrong, especially his efforts to intimidate others and suppress the truth. This forms the basis for the USADA to get around the statute of limitations. The USADA does not have a huge budget. Having that kind of work given to them for free would be quite valuable. The USADA cannot subpoena people for depositions. LeMond can and did during his suit against Trek.

The information would also form, along with Landis' info, a good basis on which to start building the qui tam suit, which is ongoing.