Lemond's Legacy: How Lemond Changed Cycling

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Feb 28, 2010
manafana said:
not surprised on tv he is always getting slightly distracted trying not to ignore people who are calling him out. I wish all my cycling heroes turned out like him,
I've met Merckx and Kelly, both at the same event, Merckx was extremely reserved, Kelly really friendly.
May 20, 2010
I met Greg LeMond in Mulhouse this year and I can back what was written before. He seems to be really nice guy! He signed my TdF cup with big smile :)

Can anybody clarify the rules about tri-bars at 1989 Tour de France and whole season? In his autobiography, Fignon wrote that they were banned by UCI because, because one should had only 2 points of support, and with tri-bars one got 3. Fignon recalled that with Guimard they tried to use them at the smaller race, but were rejected by UCI. So, what's the truth?

BTW is there any complete biography of LeMond? I've got "Slaying the Badger" but haven't read it yet, and this one is about TdF '86, right?
Dec 7, 2010
Bumping this thread only because it's the most recent LeMond one.

Racing With Greg LeMond in 1978

The Look. :p
Greg LeMond is right next to me in the pack. I notice he’s not breathing hard as he methodically starts to look around the group into the faces of each rider. He looked at me first with those penetrating light blue eyes, and looked right through me. Then one by one he looked around at the rest of the group and sized everyone up. Then he launched an explosive attack...
LeMond was just a junior, but he was racing with the elites. He was incredible. :cool:
Feb 4, 2010
I met LeMond briefly at a SCCA club race during my auto racing days when he was dabbling in auto racing. To be honest he wasn't very friendly and didn't seem to be interested in talking bike racing but I suppose he figured he had spent enough years being "fan and sponsor friendly" and he just wanted to be left alone. Or maybe he was just having a bad day.
Aug 1, 2011
Lemond was non Omerta late in his career, and brought attention to the TDF Stateside. No major contributions to the sport.