Lesser known races thread 2022

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Caruso was the favourite from 10km out. He looked the strongest, so fluid dancing on the pedals. Everytime he opened a gap, Vincenzo took a little longer to close it.

Pleased with the form of vicnenzo, he is improving slowly. But he is lucky that Damiano took the late decision to start here, because it save him the embarrassment of losing to Meintjes and cepeda.

He did his typical thing of overreaching slightly to follow the strongest. Like against Quintana on Blockhaus in 2017
This race has me hopeful he can be good enough to hunt stages in the Giro.

That said, Est in Bagum
You don't remember what Albanese was until a couple years ago.
Just check his results in Giro di Sicilia 2019.
I know how bad Albanese was at Bardiani. I have followed him quite closely from the moment he was one of the best if not the best in the race at the European U23 championship in 2016.

However Albanese has stepped up a level, to become still not even close to what he could have been, since joining Eolo. So this result in this field is not super surprising to me given how weak the field is here. Caruso came across the finish as if he had just ridden a sweet spot training ride.
Early breaks in Vietnam were certain to not succeed, what with Nguyễn Tấn Hoài being placed there by the leader's team, but Võ Thanh An refused to be caught and kept away for the first intermediate sprint. He could do nothing about an even more supercharged breakaway going into sprint 2, however, with Tấn Hoài once more being involved, along with a select group including two HCM riders, the white jersey of Nguyễn Văn Bình for New Group, and Igor Frolov for Vinama. Frolov is presumably aiming to blast off for the stratosphere on Đèo Hải Vân on Sunday so needs some preparation time, and so he embarked on a solo venture, taking 3 bonus seconds to counteract the many that he is losing to sprint bonuses in the GC in this heavily bunch-finish-tilted race. Nguyễn Tấn Hoài took 2nd in the sprint to limit the Russian's advantage however.

With 30km remaining, however, Lộc Trời decided enough was enough and they couldn't let the GC slip in a flat stage when they held the cards in sprints, and started reeling the Cosmonaut back in. A new, and far less GC-threatening, breakaway was therefore formed and gained almost a minute before being brought back in. Kenda-Đồng Nai clearly wanted this race, however, as no sooner was their man in the break taken back in than they launched a new two-man move consisting only of Kenda riders. In the end, though, Nguyễn Tấn Hoài was not to be denied, taking his third stage win and the Lộc Trời team's sixth out of ten, to move within 8 seconds of his teammate's GC lead. Huỳnh Thanh Tùng was just squeezed in to second and with a poor finish from Trần Tuấn Kiệt, maillot jaune Quàng Văn Cường takes back over the blue points jersey competition too.
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Rusvelo guys did a great week at Sicily. Especially Conci, who was great in domestique duties for Caruso (considering Bahrain is short of personnel, it might have been a good showcase to the team). Hope Malucelli, Conci et al can find a team.
Rusvelo guys did a great week at Sicily. Especially Conci, who was great in domestique duties for Caruso (considering Bahrain is short of personnel, it might have been a good showcase to the team). Hope Malucelli, Conci et al can find a team.
Fondriest used to say that Conci has an engine like Moscon, he used to coach both of them in the U23 ranks. He's also rather good on long climbs, Manghen has always been his training climb at home.
Sixto Núñez won stage 7 of the Vuelta del Uruguay, from a reduced group that splintered on the short but windswept route from Paysandú to Mercedes along the country's western border with Argentina. The group was largely led by Funvic's men, with the Brazilian team placing three riders in the top 6 but none in the top 3, reminiscent of Cofidis in Turkey all those years ago with 3 out of a group of 5 trying to win the stage without taking the jersey, and ending up with 3rd 4th 5th and the leader's jersey that they didn't want. Nahuel Hernández with his time bonuses for 2nd moved up into 5th on the GC.

In the crucial ITT in Ombués de Lavalle, at 25km in length, Agustín Moreira reinforced his position as the pre-eminent man against the clock in Uruguay right now, taking his second chrono stage win and his third outright, but even after this win his being over 3 minutes down on the GC after missing the selection in stage 2 and then not making the split in the péloton in stage 7 and losing a further 1'57", meant he was no longer a threat to take the maillot oro from young Agustín Alonso, who has defended highly creditably against more experienced and... let's say sometimes more dubious opposition. Sixto Núñez, fresh from his stage 7 victory was 2nd at +28", and André Gohr of Funvic 3rd at +31" - both of whom of course made the stage 7 split - but young Alonso is not the national champion against the clock for nothing, and against his closest GC rivals, he gained time - a mere 2 seconds on Pablo Troncoso but almost a minute on Fernando Méndez, so he is in the driver's seat going into the final weekend.

In the afternoon semitappe, Nahuel Soares took his second stage victory in a sprint in Trinidad, ahead of Anderson Maldonado and Sebástian Rodríguez. Going into the final weekend, 23-year-old Alonso leads by 14" from Troncoso and 55" from Méndez, with Jorge Bravo at +1'21" the only other rider within 2 minutes. However, both final weekend stages are 190km or so in length (194 and 188) and if the wind blows it could be a challenge, there are a few strong riders like Núñez, Gohr and Nahuel Hernández within 3 minutes, and Moreira, with his team having had a disastrous race by their standards, with long-time stalwart and 2-time winner of this race Richard Mascarañas now retired and Matías Presa fairly anonymous on his return from suspension, he will surely be hunting success to ape his father.
Looks like BikeExchange are keen to help Sepúlveda out though since Groves has made the selection. Nice to get a tough bit of racing outside of the MTF, this race has been a bit like Langkawi since they started putting more of the race in the north west rather than the Tour of the Mediterranean Resort Towns that it had been, and stopped doing the Selcuk climb of Mustafa Sayar's legacy later in the race.

The real issue could come once they're on the flat when Edet and Vine need to find ways to get some time on Bevin since he's ahead of them on GC and a better sprinter than either.