Liquigas at le tour

Jun 10, 2009
does any one else expect big things from them? They are going in with pellozoti, nibali, kreuziger,and bennati. Theres always someone that breaks through in the tour ala vandevelde last year, contador the year before. My guess for this years to be kreuziger. Any one else have thoughts on liquigas, or who this years break out rider may be?
I am tempted dismiss them because they are Italian. :) But Kreuziger does look promising.

Pellizotti probably shot his wad at the Giro. He has gotten better every year for the last three years, though. Maybe he could pull off a stage win.
I think either Nibali or Kreuziger will wind up in the top 10 and give the Schlecklet a run for his money for the white jersey(which should be an interesting competition this year if you throw in Gesink.

Not sure about Bennati. Normally you'd figure he'd be good for a stage or two, but he hasn't raced in two months so who knows?
Apr 3, 2009
I expect Kreuziger to be very good, but I think he still needs some work uphill to be able to consistently follow the likes of Sastre, Evans, Menchov and Contador. But a top 10 spot in the overall should be possible, and indeed a tight battle with young Schleck for the white jersey. I rate Nibali just a bit lower, but it will be interesting to see how the team tactics unfold.

Pellizotti, I don't know. The way it sounds right now (I did well in the Giro, I'm better than ever, I think I can win the Tour as well) reminds me a lot of Ricco's boasting last year...
Apr 1, 2009
I think Andy Schleck could be looking at a top 3 finish so the young rider comp will be well wrapped up for him. But from Liquigas i really think Pellizzotti will shine.