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longevity in cycling

Aug 16, 2010
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I think Lance is the"oldest " pro in the peloton, isn t he? He turned pro in 92.

there are 17 years between his first and last Tour appearence, is it the Tour record? (bartali, van impe , zoetemelk maybe?)

what is the interval record betwenn 2 participations to the same Gt?


Apr 28, 2010
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He's not even close to the oldest pro in the peloton. I think in Europe Andrea Noé is probably one of the oldest at 41.
If you take into account the entiere world, I guess Raul Alcala, which has a thread in this very subforum, is one of the oldest successful riders, with just winning the Mexican national ITT at 46
the3verB said:
at the pro tour level, i don't know if someone turned pro before Armstrong ( 1992)

Moreau is also oldest than armstrong.
He's been retired for three years of course, so you should discount those years. In the current peloton guys like Andrea Noe (1993), Servais Knaven (1994), and Inigo Cuesta (1994) have been pro for longer than him. Moreau turned pro in 1995.
Mar 31, 2010
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yeah but that's woman cycling...

in europe and pro tour lance is/was the longest pro also with the longest gaps in results he won tour stage in wc already 1in 1993
The Hitch said:
I dont get that.
He may have been retired but he was still aging. So the gap between his first and last appearance 199(3?) - 2010 is still the same.
Yeah, but he was talking about oldest pro, which I understood to mean rider who has been pro for the longest time (because he's clearly not the oldest pro in terms of age). And then it's a bit unfair to count 3 years in which he was a lot of things, but not a professional cyclist.
Jun 15, 2010
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What about Malcolm Elliot.He turned pro in 85 and is still pro today.He was top 10 in tour of Ireland last year age 47.Armstrong rode that race but was dnf.He like lance had a few years of retirement.