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Make a prediction: Jens Keukeleire, the next...

Eric Vanderaeden?

I love and hate this sort of discussion because I always feel like we're jinxing these folks. Belgium and France have such long, long lists of chrysalis cases like Wampers ( markrosen raked over my memory nicely there! :) )

Hmm, a young Flemish fastman who matures into a cobbly hardman.

Eric Vanderaeden?

Hopefully he'll mimic the tenacity and skip the haircut. And it's great to see that the old devil still has the same barnet today:

Mar 18, 2009
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Just curious...what is up with a guy like Keuleleire? He is 20 right? Did he mature later than most? Why all the sudden is he such a beast? I am not insinuating any kind of PED usage or anything...it is just amazing that this young man is so dominant...and coming off the radar. I understand he was a good young rider...but jeez!! By the way, I like this kid and admire his speed and power!!