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Mark Cavendish, the new Chippo?

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Mar 18, 2009
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Bala Verde said:
I thought they were called yobs (although in his defense most of them are unemployed and carry around knives...). The way he behaves after finishes, there are certainly some similarities.

But honestly, a biography at 24. It's like a 16 year old Britney Spears singing about love...

I am going to guess the storyline here (perhaps warranting a spoiler alert), so can someone confirm:

-Introduction: the story of my life, how I became so great
-Chapter 1: I was young and grew up in a poor environment. I hated school and I did not have a lot of possibilities. Everyone is a farmer or mechanic around here. I loved to watch cycling.
-Chapter 2: I started riding a bike and loved it. I trained really hard every day, out in the open fields battling the wind.
-Chapter 3: I joined a cycling team and started racing. I went to every race in the UK even if it took me hours to get there. More and more hardship I suffer.
-Chapter 4: I am not that good, but it's all because the others have better bikes and facilities and I am poor, so I just have to work harder.
-Chapter 5: the track team. My coach believes in me, and pushes me to the limit. I need to work on my attitude, because I am a difficult person.
-Chapter 6: Some set backs. Will I ever make it to the top?
-Chapter 7: To the road. People believe in me as a road sprinter. I take my one chance and prove them right.
-Chapter 8: I join Columbia and they work for me. I ride the TdF and I am the greatest at 24.
The end.

Summary: I have a dream; Much hardship; I work hard; Setbacks; I become successful.

Bala...you forgot the chapter about his testing numbers being poor...team not interested in him...new anger to fuel greatness!!
May 13, 2009
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issoisso said:
Moroccan footballer


How the hell is Cavendish like a Moroccan footballer? Jeez, he is a bike rider, a sprinter to be exact. Can't we compare him to a previous sprinter instead? Wouldn't that be more appropriate. Anybody got any ideas? None are springing to mind right now.
Jun 23, 2009
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Mark Cavendish can buy as many cars he wants, and change girlfriend as often he wants.

But after just reading his book, it doesn't put him in a good light.


issoisso said:
Moroccan footballer


Cav is going to play football in Morocco? I don't think that is a wise choice. But the girlfriend thing, I will give him a pass on that.
Aug 19, 2009
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dimspace said:
british term, that makes perfect sense over here, boy racers over here are generally young, brash, cocky teens, often from slightly the wrong side of hte tracks with a bit of chav about them, who annoy the crap out of every one by driving around with their stereos blaring and engine reving at silly hours of the morning..

Well, so long as those pizza goofs deliver my pie on time.

If Mark hadn't become Britain's best Tour de France cyclist, I could see him being a very good delivery guy. He corners great and doesn't touch the brakes.


Mar 11, 2009
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No Cav is not the new Cipo. Puhleez:)

snapped this pic at last years AToC:

MSR Victory!! Fast Freddy in 2nd;((

"Cannondale Bikes...the best"