Matching shoes with my new pedals???

Jan 13, 2021
I'm looking to find a black friday deal on my first pair of clipless shoes. I have crank brothers doubleshot 2's. How do I find shoes that will work with these pedals? Thanks for any help!
Bit late now, although it's Cyber Monday, but for those pedals you need 2-bolt shoes/Mountain bike shoes/SPD shoes. Those are the way they are usually listed, take care with SPD though as some people will list SPD-SL shoes (which take three bolt cleats) as SPD shoes (which take 2 bolt cleats).
Oct 2, 2022
Not going to work unfortunately. Those pedals need 2 bolt cleats, and your shoes only look like they take 3 bolt cleats. Look into mountain bike style pedals/shoes vs road style pedals/shoes and decide what you want. If you want road then get new pedals, if you want mountain bike then return the shoes. Also it's important to note that "mountain bike" style pedals and cleats are completely acceptable and commonly used on road bikes. They're generally easier to walk around in, and easier to clip in and out of frequently.