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May 5, 2009
mad black said:
...with or without doping there'd be the same people winning. This is exactly what my opinon is as well.
Sorry mate. No excuses for cheaters. I will never accept any such excuse. Cheating is the root of much evil and problem on this planet. Most major problems could be solved if we all treat others like we like to be treated, so we should not cheat.

I agree that all clean or all doped, result lists, would look similar, but this means that the best "natural" rider will never win if he's clean. What you say consequently also implies that if you wanna have a chance to win, you have to cheat. And that's exactly the disgusting part about it.

And another major factor that is forgotten is that if certain guys have advance knowledge of tests or get favourably treated by the UCI (LIEstrong for example), this creating an additional massive edge versus the other cheaters. So clean or doped field winning lists might not exactly look the same nevertheless...


Different topic: Regarding suspicous blood values during the 2005 Tour de France, Levi Leipheimer comes to my mind again as well:
Oct 8, 2010
luckyboy said:
So two riders out of Mengin [broken cheekbone], Honchar, Petrov, Boonen [knee] and Lowik (all the DNSs). Of course, Frigo got arrested at some point in that year's Tour too.

That is, assuming the rider didn't start the stage for some reason and then remember about his crit and abandon.

Aha, from the CN Archive - "After a early Tuesday morning test of 33 riders from Lampre-Caffita, AG2R, CSC and Discovery Channel, one rider was found unfit to work and didn't start today: 2003 double world U23 champ Evgeni Petrov (Lampre-Caffita)."
Matschinger specifically states that the rider in question was forced to start the next stage but had to pull out DURING that stage. This does exclude Petrov. The interviewer insinuates that there was also an Austrian rider who abandonded the 2005 Tour "out of the blue". Matschinger dodges the question by saying he doesn't want to name any nationality. He then continues to point the finger at the system that allows such action. Matschinger doesn't provide any evidence to substantiate his allegations whatsoever. You simply believe him or you don't.
Cloxxki said:
I have obtained a PDF of the book. If I were so criminally inclined (stealing for a vampire), where would I be sharing it for everyone to find?
Obviously you wouldn't do it anywhere here on the forum. Such illegal acts would most probably involve a permanent ban.

May 26, 2010
Cloxxki said:
I have obtained a PDF of the book. If I were so criminally inclined (stealing for a vampire), where would I be sharing it for everyone to find?
the li$estrong site:D
That goes without saying, Susan. I suppose I wouldn't be able to upload such a big file, or even that file format, to the forum anyway.
I won't be able to read or handle the doc for the next week due to holidays, but ss the PDF is in circulation anyway, it may already be found by those who want it.
On page 94, Matschiner brings his recollection of a European runner "Michael", already Europe's best in 2004 thanks to general doping, who with Matschiner and HumanPlasma aimed to takes his winning to the global arena.
World Championships 2005 Helsinki, Matschiner traveled with his blood bags from Vienna via Brussels to Helsinki. To get through the customs, and secure co-operation from the airline, he phones them in advance, claiming to be a doctor to bring blood for a patient's operation. They were very forthcoming, ensuring the blood remained properly cooled throughout the trip.

Making a short list of top European runners that conform to such a profile, well, brings a very short list. Simon Vroemen, (currently suspended for a regular doping offence which still drags), seems to jump out having openly been Matschiner's pupil.
Vroemen will deny, Matschiner will remain silent, and that will be all to it. Vroemen himself as an active top atlete is relatively active on Dutch web forums, often ready to take a stance when his name is called, or to correct facts. Which however IME doesn't make him come across more credible.

Note that Vroemen made his breakthrough as 3000m steeple chase runner relatively late in his career (being born summer of '69), and he's at least laterally educated in medicin as molecular scientist. He wrote his dissertation on the stress physiology of grasshoppers (wiki).

Kohl is mentioned by name, other cyclists are pretty directly referenced to with their nationality and circumstances.
rzombie1988 said:
What does he say about Rasmussen?
@Susan may I quote passages, or should I paraphrase/machine translate the larger sections to make it a less direct copy/paste?
How long a direct quote is tolerated?

The first Rasmussen reference starts in the middle of a story, I'll offer a machine translation, will gladly delete if so requested. it's less than a page worth, I think.

Only Michael Rasmussen, until his suspension by the team Rabobank eight stages long in the yellow jersey, moved to, Bernhard said an appreciative pat onto rear and moved toward them alone peaks. "What does, I would once have" carbon deposited in the evening in a phone conversation with the manager happy, as I revealed this in an interview in the summer of 2009. The classic response of an athlete, which have just been shown your limits. According to the motto: "If one better than me, then he has access to more efficient doping substances."

and further in the book:

How to get to the absurdities in the daily life of a top athlete to military uses, including Michael Rasmussen has lead by example.
negotiated the Dane, for which I tried unsuccessfully in 2006, a well-paid spot in Austrian criteria was after the 2007 16 20 Tour de France stages as a superior leader by his Rabobank team removed from the race. And this happened: Against Rasmussen were during the "Great Loop" allegations have been raised that he had - according to sources - two or three times removed from a doping test by his residence at short notice announced. The polka dot jersey winner in 2005 and 2006 established the shortcomings with the long post between Mexico, where his wife is, and Denmark. His credibility, however, was shaken by an Italian journalist, Rasmussen in the relevant time when training in the Dolomites had seen. Apparently, a trusted source: The information came to the Board of Directors of team sponsor Rabobank, then transfer to the team manager Theo de Rooij, throw out the top edge was taken. De Rooij was just in the team bus on the way from the finish area to the hotel, joined during a call the back of the team bus on while the rest of the team celebrated winning the exuberant tour de France (followed by only more flat stages and a time trial). The rest of the team - stage winner Rasmussen was nachgeflogen after the award ceremony, followed by press conference by helicopter. When the tour arrived in the neighborhood hero, he was given by de Rooij in private instead of a stroke unit not only missed a proverbial beating, kicking included.
Bizarre: both athletic director Erik Breukink and Erik Dekker (one should note of Rasmussen's have had a secret training in the Dolomites, because he visited him there) knew at that time nothing of Rasmussen Elimination and wanted to hug the yellow-carrier, as the de Rooij
Room like a beaten dog left.
One of the greatest Tour de France scandals, had not entirely unexpected, will have legal consequences. Rasmussen was banned for two years, the team said in the summary dismissal, refused to pay even a premium. But conceding teammates and mechanics from powerful. Exactly
those sums that were promised in case of a Tour victory. Then also complained Rasmussen wins his bonus plus the lost earnings, he would have as a tour-de-France overall winner at several criteria used to mature one. gave knockout winner in this showdown, it has been no: They met again in the middle, sometimes the pendulum swung
in favor of one, then again in favor of the other.
On balance, however, exchanged a few hundred thousand euro changed hands. What makes us even more of a lead in mind: Who defends itself has more of life.
May 26, 2010


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