Mikel Landa Discussion Thread

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Tour is most likely however he has said that he is considering La Vuelta. Hopefully he feels tired these next couple of weeks and opts for Vuelta.
Yeah, when i see the route of both races, the Vuelta clearly suits him more and there's only 31km of time trial.
Amount of ITT does not really matter to Landa, he's not gonna podium either race. He's never done good at the Vuelta either.

I think Landa should go to the Tour and go for stages/KoM.

Although actually the route is garbage for that cause it could very easily go all 4 mountain stages to GC riders with the winner winning KoM by default again.
He's never done good at the Vuelta either.

He has only done Vuelta once in 6 years which was last year where he was clearly not fit enough for GC probably due to not enough racing post injury. He does not suit the sprints to the line at the end of the murito stages and there are not many proper mountain stages but I think he would still be competitive for top 5.