MVDP v Pidcock. The multi-discipline thread

Struck me the other day that we've entered a unique period in (mens) cycling history this year, with two riders being dominant/extremely successful in the three main formats.

They've been rivals in cyclocross for a couple of years with MVDP (and Van Aert) still clearly the best.

Pidcock made his pro debut on the road this year and looks almost certain to one of MVDP's main rivals for the classics in the coming years.

And he also joined the elites in MTB this year where he already looks like a superstar.

Continues tomorrow in the Olympics MTB race. Neither have had the best preparation with Pidcock in crash mode, and MVDP arriving later than most after the Tour. But probably worth getting up for :) 0700 BST, 0800 CET.
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I've said elsewhere, but I think Tom will end up being more successful at XCO than CX; it suits his abilities more - the longer climbs, which suit the lighter climber - and his excellent technical skills come into play. However, I still think he can win big CX races, and maybe even Worlds on the right course.

MvdP is almost the opposite; the longer climbs are not really his thing - he's better on short & punchy climbs were he can use his explosive power to drop people.
Remember, he's one of the few current riders who has won Elite level World Cups in both CX & XCO. I think Eva Lechner is the only other one (though PF-P has won World Champs in both).

As it's the Olympic MTB race tomorrow, I was doing some research; in 1996, many of the top 10 was made up of riders who did both disciplines - and had both XCO & CX World medals, and even a future Road WC/TdF winner.
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Well 10-0 is a bit unfair considering VDP made 1 stupid mistake so we never got to see what his actual form was. Considering with all the pain he kept the gap to a minute for at least 3 laps It's safe to say he'd been up there in the top. Whether enough to challenge Pidcock unfortunately we'll never find out.
I wonder what would have been the case if Covid hadn't have hit?
In that case he probably would have been in Japan much longer already etc. so yeah I don't think he would have made the mistake with the plank.
It's brutal though to make such a public mistake like that I hope he gets the support he needs. At least it's an individual sport so he doesn't get the hate that someone badly messing up a penalty kick would.