Need More Emoticons!

I wonder what you had in mind - I can't do the graphics but here are some of the ideas...

Grumpy old man
Flame retardent
Big sloppy kiss
Soap box
Drum roll
Out to lunch
007 shoot to kill
loaves and fishes (miracle!)
Beer goggles
A big boat! (or has that ship sailed!)
livestrong goggles
Burning Flag (nationality as appropriate)
Headless chicken
Super hero
Down on one knee (for proposal of marriage)
False profit
Gone for a ride
21 gun salute
Pigs head (for the pig headed)
Red herring
Good luck
Bleeding obvious
Pulling hair out
Head up ***
I never tested positive
Beam me up scotty
MAD (Mutually assured destruction)
Raining (on parade)
Winding you up
Bla Bla Bla