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New Cervelo Kit for the Tour

May 18, 2009
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no problem with the kit, except its in white.
Why have half the teams now decided that white is the colour to where? (columbia, garmin, ag2r, saxo, and now cervelo)
I thought the existing uniform looked good, it stood out in the Peleton, so easy to see the CTT riders. Not anymore!

Maybe it will make Sastre less "conspicuous" so he can sneak off when no ones looking. :D




Mar 17, 2009
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Jun 13, 2009
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whiteboytrash said:
I posted this two days ago ! Loser.

Give the guy a break!

In the time since you posted your thread there has probably been 50,000 threads started along the lines of ...

I love Lance ...
I hate Lance ...
X is jacked up, doped up to the eye balls ...
X is clean, never done drugs ...
I hate Contadope ...
I love Contador ...

or every second thread has been hijacked with EPO, jacked up, smacked up, doped up, juiced up ... blah, blah, blah

Your original post is probably on page 50 by now ;)

Maybe some selective weeding of threads would make some more worthwhile ones like this remain at the top?

Oh, and the kit looks good ... and I would imagine better than black in the summer.
whiteboytrash said:
I posted this two days ago ! Loser.

Sorry man i didnt realise. As someone said it is probably a few pages back by now.:( But you went abit overboard with the insult, no need to go off over something so trivial.

Again man, i'll say it. I didnt realise. Sorry


i dont like it at all.. but granted more practical than black in this weather..
Jul 1, 2009
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So what about all the duped people who bought the black kit (expensive I think) in the honest belief that they'll be getting at least one season of posing value? I suppose they cannot go back and get a free upgrade or refund?

Sounds like a lack of respect for the people who buy the kit or am I wrong? No wonder I stick with my club gear.
Jun 30, 2009
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better than the awful columbia kits. remember when cycling didn't look terrible? usps, once, telekom, bianchi, mapei.... even discovery and the last version of columbia were pretty cool. those were some kits. what's the best one now.... garmin?
Idiots!!! They have the best-looking kit in cycling, and they throw it all away for the chance to look like nine more chubby babies in pajamas, a la Gerolsteiner, FDJeux, Garmin . . . Have kit designers today never seen a race from before 1995? When will they learn that ONLY BLACK SHORTS EVER LOOK GOOD?????
Is this their kit fot just the Tour or the rest of the season, I hope its just for the Tour. The black one was one of my current favourites so I wouldnt want to see them change to that horrible white one. I know they are a test team but I didnt think it included kit as well.