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New fetures?

Mar 12, 2009
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What can you tell us about some of the new features coming with the redesign? There was something posted back around new years that touched on a couple things...

Blogs? Networking? Video? Any sneak previews ; )

Daniel Benson

Mar 2, 2009
Hi Dopersswuck,

Welcome to the Forum.

What's next? Well this is where it gets exciting. You can expect some vast improvements to the look and feel of the pages as well as some new features that will make the site even better than ever – a new and improved search engine, up to the minute news stories (we'll still be compiling editions though), teams' and riders' databases that will be far more sophisticated than our current ones, RSS feeds, newsletters, substantially more video content and a greater interaction between the news content and the forums.

All that we ask is that you bear with us as we strive for these improvements. We'll try and bring you sneak previews very soon and give you heads up on any possible downtime or bug fixing, but rest assured that at each stage of development we'll remember the website's roots and where it came from and of course what matters most, you the readers.

We'll be posting updates on the redesign right here in the forums and when we do, we'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions.


Great Start!

Thank you so much for venturing into "cycling forum arena". Brave souls all of you!
As a programmer, I have to talk about the 'geeky' points!
1) Great user interface! Very intuitive, nice colors - not overpowering, clean and simple. Easy to manipulate font - although it would be great to have it real time, instead of waiting until the message is posted to see it.
2) Would be lovely to have a "preview" post button so you can review your post prior to posting. (in both the "quick reply" and main "Reply To Post").
3) Just a Nice-to-Have: smiley's in the "quick reply". Maybe drop that in with the next elevate :D
4) Navigation is great.
5) There is a section in everyone's public profile where they can view who visited their profile recently -a little creepy. I am not sure I want to know!

Overall - Fantastic! Can't wait for future enhancements!